September 19-21

Setting the stage for a creative collaboration of top digital marketing experts at one of Las Vegas' iconic venues

At IMPACT18, you’ll learn the best practices and techniques to build market share and business growth from the industry’s leading experts, explore the latest tools and trends, and network with local and global leaders and professionals. Join us and discover ways to increase value to your organization and the digital marketing community.

IMA Conference Topics

Social Media Marketing Technology

AI Innovation

Traditional Digital Marketing

Executive Industry Briefing

Emerging Technology

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Market Dynamics / Trends / Macro Forecast

Today’s market is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Who are the winners and losers? Why are some companies skyrocketing while others are left on the sideline?

Marketing With the Big 3 (Google, Facebook, Amazon)

What are Google, Facebook and Amazon marketing programs up to and how will it impact strategy and tactics?

Data Privacy/Security for Modern Marketers

After recent events in online privacy, what are the major shifts that will take place and how will it affect the digital landscape?

Evolving Channels, Influencers & Brands, Social Media, Media Landscape

In a world of mass media and advertising, what is truth and who can you really trust? How is the marketing landscape changing with the surge of influencers, platforms and tech.

Evolving Business Models Through 2020

Niche subscriptions, crowdsourcing, pop-up shops, brick-and-mortar: What’s working, what’s not working? Who is getting scale and how are they doing it? 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Other Emerging Technologies

How is Artificial Intelligence being used today and what are practical tools to enhance your business?

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Smart contracts, decentralized apps, initial coin offerings: How will blockchain and cryptocurrencies change the market? What are the risks and opportunities presented by this whole new world?

Millennials: WTF? (Why Them First?)

What do Millennials expect from brands today? How (and why) are businesses changing internally and externally to meet the demands of this transformative generation?

Creative To Move the Needle

The creative process is about to run head-first into a world of algorithms and optimizations. How do those two worlds co-exist, or can they? How can you maintain creative authenticity in a quant-driven marketing world?

Organizational Leadership Crosses Marketing Communications

How can we as business professionals continue to grow? Empower yourself and the people around you to reach a higher level of productivity.

Panels of World Class Content Providers

  • CMO Innovators
  • CMOs and their leadership challenges
  • Founders and Risk Takers
  • International Executive Council (IEC) and friends
  • Startup and Pitch Battlefield
  • Women’s Leadership Group
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